Hello and welcome.
Stories On White is a gathering point for my different types of activities. I'm Edit E Vizer and I work on artistic designs and experiments of various kinds, mainly in the fields of media art, interaction and experience design.
I hold a BA in Art and Technology, and two final certificates [MA] in Media and Communication / Journalism and in Scandinavian Studies. Currently I am studying Interaction Design at the Kolding School of Design.
Here you can see an overview of my projects, and get an idea of the things that I can get enthusiastic about.
I often collaborate with other people and from time to time I organize and curate artistic projects. I also do workshops for both adults and the younger ones.
You can navigate to my news blog and read updates, or switch over to one of my other social representations.
Are you interested in more or have a comment, you are more than welcome to contact me.